Week 10 – Abundance is Natural

6 thoughts on “Week 10 – Abundance is Natural”

  1. Hi Anna ,
    That was outstanding . I love the linking to the Toltec and Haanel .
    The chocolate analogy was a great example . I love chocolate lol !
    Great read and very informative !
    How does this help you with your expression of your art ? Are you feeling more free and overflowing with abundance ?


    1. Hi Philip!
      Thank you for your kind words=)
      Haha yea, it is like that for us who like to enjoy life, isn’t it?
      Thank you for your great question, in fact I haven’t been creating any art this week since my focus has been off…so thank you for kindly nudging me into that direction!
      I answered your email today by the way about the mastermind, give me a shout if it hasn’t arrived! Wish you a great and passionate week! According to the Toltecs a warriors has to be very passionate….or it takes a passionate warrior to keep on going in order to reach the totality of oneself!


      1. Thank you . I look forward to masterminding with you ( I’m guessing you can use it as a conjugated Verb.? ) I plan to connect after work tonight . I’m guessing you are transferring the passion of the Toltec warrior to yourself ! Talk soon .


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